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“Philly's gastropub boom was a part of this hungry city's recession reply - beer-soaked, boldly flavored and casual - to the demise of glitzy haute cuisine. But in these postrecession days of heady restaurant growth, a new generation of more refined projects has lately emerged, including one notable newcomer in Townsend that reaffirms the timeless virtues that carefully measured fine dining can still hold.”


“Townsend is proof that one lucky day can change the entire course of a life.”


“Talented“ chef Townsend Wentz proves he ”knows what he's doing“ at this ”excellent“ bistro on South Philly's bustling East Passyunk Avenue, where the
”well-crafted“, ”creative“ French fare inspires ”nods and mm's“ of approval and the ”knowledgeable“ staff is ”nice as can be“; the ”charming“ white-tablecloth surrounds befit a ”date“ or ”birthday outing“ and ”high“ prices match the ”upscale" package.”


“Townsend is the perfect bar dining experience for lovers of imaginative cocktails and scrumptious food. There's ample seating at the long wooden bar with a few high top tables for couples or groups of three. The bartenders are affable, professional, informative and really have some sweet skills at creating magical elixirs. My friend and I each had a cocktail to start. They change the drink offerings fairly frequently but my guess is you won't be disappointed in any of their concoctions. It's not cheap. Cocktails run in the $14-15 range but they are sublime.”

— Pooklala, Philadelphia